Bear Concepts and Begawan: Farming for the Future

Unfortunately, it’s no secret that here in Bali the tourism industry puts a strain on the island’s natural resources and contributes to pollution and waste. Products that are made from locally sourced materials or produced using environmentally friendly techniques can help to preserve Bali’s unique culture and environment for generations to come.

This is why the Bear Concepts team have made it their mission to ensure their locations stock not only the widest range of quality food and drink options but also to use local, sustainable products wherever possible.

What that looks like is consistently delicious, sustainable dining experiences from their newest restaurants in Ubud, Hujan Locale and Honey & Smoke are led by renowned chef Will Meyrick.

Bear Concepts is also the brains behind The Beachtown Grocer in Berawa which has the same level of focus on social initiatives.

You will find the Beachtown Grocer within Secana Beachtown in Berawa Canggu. Berawa is among the most popular places to visit in Bali, it boasts world class surf spots, amazing culture, lush green terraces and a vibrant nightlife. There is such a diverse array of activities and people here and the Beachtown Grocer endeavours to cater to them all with sustainability at the centre of everything they do.

It is the destination for gourmet cold cuts and cheeses, an extensive boutique bottle shop as well as all day casual dining and ‘grab and go’ meals and snacks. Whether you’re looking for the perfect gift, the perfect drink pairing for any dish or a quick, delicious and ethically sourced meal, there is something for you at Beachtown Grocer.

Bear Concepts believe that building relationships with the local community is key to sourcing the highest quality sustainable products. They make it a priority to work closely with the farmers, producers and other local businesses in Bali to bring you the freshest and highest quality products possible.

They value the importance of transparency and traceability in their supply chain. This is why they regularly visit farms and meet with suppliers to ensure they can personally guarantee the quality and sustainability in all their products.

Recently, the team from Bear Concepts along with Will Meyrick had the opportunity to visit Begawan in Banjar Bayad, Ubud. Begawan is an inspiring and innovative organization dedicated to protecting and preserving the natural beauty and biodiversity of Bali through research, education and community engagement.

They had the opportunity to see firsthand the impressive regenerative rice fields, permaculture farm and garden, as well as the Breeding and Release Centre for the endangered Bali Starling.

Bali’s rice fields and terraces are a stunning example of traditional farming practices that have been refined over centuries. However, in recent years many farmers have become reliant on agrochemicals which serve to increase the yields of their crops.

Though more profitable for the farmers, the chemicals have damaged the soil, the immediate environment and the wider ecological system. The excess chemicals also run into rivers and waterways, negatively impacting delicate marine ecosystems.

Begawan’s rice farmers are incentivised to implement more traditional farming methods using only natural fertilisers and pest controls to produce Bali heritage rice. The rice is not only delicious but rich in nutrients and full of cultural significance.

This method of farming ensures that the quality of the soil continues to produce for generations to come and mitigates much, if not all, of the environmental impact from reliance upon harsh chemicals.

“We are proud to be collaborating with another organisation so committed to the environment,“ James Runciman of Bear Concepts who has facilitated the relationship said. Begawan’s delicious and eco-friendly Mansur heritage rice will be stocked at the Beachtown Grocer. It’s perfect for cooking up a storm at home or gifting to family and friends. You can also visit Begawan in Ubud and see the incredible work they are doing for yourself.

To find out more about Begawan, visit their website here.

With Bear Concept’s Beachtown Grocer, you can have a taste of home, a perfect platter, a meal to entertain guests and peace of mind knowing that you are doing your part for a sustainable future here in Bali. For more insight into Bear Concepts, you can find it on their website.

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