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Body & Mind Connection, Dry Cupping Therapy

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Through all of my practices, I focus on mind and body connection. I aim to give my clients a great workout where they feel strong, confident, and empowered. I believe in creating an educational environment where clients can understand their bodies more. Knowledge is power! The more we understand our mind and body as one the more powerful we become!

Through all of these practices, I focus on postural corrections, muscular imbalances, strength, flexibility, muscular endurance, and confidence.

Language(s) spoken: English


Body & Mind Connection   Dry Cupping Therapy   Mat & Reformer Pilates   Pregnancy Massage   Sports Massage Therapist


I'm glad I dragged myself out to this class this morning. It was a great class with relaxing stretches that hit the right spots! I wasnt sure in the beginning because I still feel sore but I could really feel my shoulder and back fell on the reformer. Faye is a wonderful teacher.
Saya Reform & Restore with Faye
A very spicy class just the way I like it! Faye is an excellent teacher will definitely be back for her classes
Reformer Fusion with Faye
The trainer was great. Good pace, explanation, and communication. Well rounded class. Felt great.
Reformer Burn with Faye



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Body & Mind Connection, Dry Cupping Therapy
Confidence, Mat Pilates
Body Transformation, Functional Training
Body Recomposition (Fatloss + Muscle Gain), General Physical fitness


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