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Training with me will make you enjoy even the least enjoyable exercises for endless rounds. I keep my sessions fun but intense and always keep my clients connected to what and why they do it by providing anatomical clarification, adjustments, and feedback.

Dedication, consistency, and a true passion for a healthy lifestyle and balanced body and mind are values I encourage my clients to live by for long-term results.

Language(s) spoken: Czech, English


Body & Mind Connection   Body alignment   Core strength   Postpartum Pilates   Reformer Pilates   Yoga


I discover Saya with some private reformer class with Monika, it was a first time for me and a total success, Monika is a wonderful teacher, explaining everything in a easy and funny way, she’s always super kind and motivating. Thank you Monika to light the first sparkle between me and Pilates, I am sure it will be a long love story :)
Jordane Blanc
One of the best reformer classes ever. Monika gives clear instructions, is very creative in designing her class and I really enjoyed her playful approach.
Reformer Fusion with Monika
Great class & doable for first timer like myself
Reformer Jump-Form with Monika
I did a few sessions of Prenatal Pilates with Monika and she’s amazing! Her cues and instructions are clear that helps me a lot to get into a pose/movement, and she gave good adjustments depending on how i perform. Also for prenatal side, she also explained and share a lot on how the exercise is good to prepare for birth/after birth which i think thats important. And also, i had never tried reformer before and a bit worried to try it first time while my belly is already big, but she managed to make me feel safe :) keep up the good work!
Agatha Anggarini
I recently had the opportunity to try out a Pilates Reformer workout, and I must say that it was a truly transformative experience. The instructor, Moinka, guided me through a series of exercises that targeted various muscle groups, with a particular emphasis on core strength. The smooth sliding motion of the carriage, in combination with the resistance from the springs, provided a unique challenge that was both effective and enjoyable. She paid close attention to my form, making subtle adjustments to ensure that I was performing each exercise correctly. This attention to detail not only enhanced the effectiveness of the workout but also helped prevent any potential injuries. By the end of the session, I felt both energized and relaxed. The focus on mindful breathing and concentration throughout the exercises had a calming effect on my mind, leaving me with a sense of clarity and rejuvenation. The combination of the Reformer machine's resistance and the Moinka’s guidance provides a dynamic and engaging workout experience. Highly recommended Reformer Pilates at Saya Club!
Liza Guerra-Reyes
I’ve been attending Monica’s pilates classes regularly and I love all her sessions!! She’s got a great energy about her, she gives good cues, her classes are always fun and energising, and I get a great workout! Definitely recommend her!
Marilyn Tan
I’ve always loved Reformer Pilates and have been taking classes for over 15 years as Pilates just seems to work for my body type, personality and lifestyle. During that time I’ve worked with many incredible instructors but for me Monica has changed the way I feel about and appreciate Pilates. She educates me, she listens, she’s watches carefully and pushes me. She’s also changed my body - not only do I feel stronger but I look more sculpted, lithe and toned.
Gail Elliott
I really like training with Monika. She puts a lot of thiought into the sessios which for me are a challenging combination of strength, endurance and coordination. Lots of fun!
Monika is an exceptional Pilates instructor. Over the past four months of consistent workouts with her, I've witnessed substantial transformations in my body. Having previously found Pilates routines too easy and lacking in visible results, Monika's classes have been a game-changer. Her sessions are dynamic, incorporating weights and maintaining a fast pace, ensuring you feel the impact of a great workout by the end. Monika places a strong emphasis on correct technique, a crucial aspect, particularly for women who have undergone childbirth. I wholeheartedly recommend her to fellow moms aiming to regain their shape post-pregnancy or to anyone seeking to build strength and look great!
This is my 1st pregnancy, and adapting to my new body shape or capabilities was another story to tell aside from being a mother itself. I wanted to start working out straight away, and my search led me to Monika, who, being straightforward with integrity, suggested that I wait until a couple of weeks later. As a mother herself, she's focusing on my recovery process with detailed techniques and easy-to-understand explanations. Not only as a trainer, Monika's knowledge and openness have supported my postpartum journey physically and mentally.
I recently had the pleasure of experiencing Pilates sessions with the incredible instructor, Monika Weiserova, and I must say, it was nothing short of exceptional! Monika’s attention to detail is unmatched. She carefully observes every movement, ensuring proper form and technique, which not only maximizes the effectiveness of the workout but also minimizes the risk of injury. Her expertise shines through as she effortlessly tailors each session to suit individual needs and abilities. What truly sets Monika apart is her unparalleled motivational skills. She has a knack for pushing you to your limits while still making you feel empowered and motivated. Her positive energy is contagious, making every session not only challenging but also incredibly enjoyable. With Monika’s guidance, I've seen significant improvements in my strength, flexibility, and overall well-being. Her passion for Pilates is evident in every session, and her dedication to her clients' success is truly commendable. If you're looking for a Pilates instructor who is knowledgeable, attentive, and inspiring, look no further than Monika. She is simply the best!



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