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Body Recomposition (Fatloss + Muscle Gain), General Physical fitness

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I will focus on achieving structural balance by assessing the musculoskeletal system, identifying areas of excessive load, and devising a tailored training plan. Our approach encompasses strength and hypertrophy development, rehabilitation for pain and limitations, and enhancing endurance and cardiovascular health. Through targeted sessions and dietary adjustments, we aim to improve body composition while incorporating dynamic movements to enhance functional capabilities and prevent injuries.

Language(s) spoken: Russian, English


Body Recomposition (Fatloss + Muscle Gain)   General Physical fitness   Injury Prevention & Rehabilitation   Pilates Mat   Sports Specific Training


I like the coach’s knowledge about the workout. Loved how it’s a mix of cardio and strength. We used all the equipment! Wish there were afternoon Limitless classes though! Otherwise, it was a wonderful experience! I’ll come back.
Limitless Fitness with Vitali
Excellent instructor. Kept a good tempo and tailored the class to the needs of the student.
Limitless Fitness with Vitali
It's a good full body workout, strength & cardio training with a great pace, without feeling like you're rushed in a regular circuit training. Vitaly is thorough and detail on explaining each move in the set. Will come back again! And lovely club in overall.
Limitless Fitness with Vitali



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Body & Mind Connection, Dry Cupping Therapy
Confidence, Mat Pilates
Body Transformation, Functional Training
Body Recomposition (Fatloss + Muscle Gain), General Physical fitness


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